Mascot Maintenance

Your mascot is the face of your organization. From the very first contact, your mascot is what customers and students will remember the most, and for years to come. It is a living embodiment of your brand, and must be flawlessly presented to give the best possible impression.

But mascots don't stay new forever. Like any garment, a mascot will wear out. Through years of love and hard work, seams and stitching may come undone, paint may fade, and fabric may tear. damage, lost parts, extreme weather - all of these things can tarnish your brand's image with the presentation of an unkempt mascot.  Biannual maintenance is essential, though every three months is ideal for heavy use.

At Character Store, we are here to keep your mascot functioning and looking like new. Our team of experts has over a decade in the mascot business, and we're prepared to render whatever service your mascot needs. Cleaning, repairing, painting, and fabricating replacement parts - we can do it all. Please allow one to two weeks to complete the maintenance per the mascot's condition.


Pro Maintenance for Catalog Mascots: $100.00

All maintenance includes:

  1. Meticulous cleaning & disinfecting for all parts.
  2. Extra gluing and sewing for heads and any accompanying parts, eg: glasses, horns, etc.
  3. Repainting for all mesh vision and ventilation apertures.
  4. Inspecting all parts for loose stitching, zippers, clasps, etc. and repairs made as needed.
  5. Attention to any unique needs your mascot may have.
  6. Large repairs (large sections, whole parts) are assessed and made only upon your approval.



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Please ship it to:
Character Store / Attn : Maintenance
13215 SE 49th St. Bellevue WA 98006

T. 206-219-5584